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Loving the planet

At Locco, caring for our planet is just as important as caring for your joy in wearing original flip-flops.

Taking responsibility for our planet

Here at Locco we do not look at the Earth with our eyes but with our brains and hearts. We deliver our clients the joy of creating and the pleasure of wearing Locco flip flops, but at the same time we spread global awareness and support the zero waste trend. As a responsible and world-concious producer we know that used flip flops are cluttering the Earth by landing in the oceans, fields and farms. 

Ocean Soles

To address this problem, we are teaming up with Ocean Sole, the organization that turns trash into treasure art. We advocate and promote transformation of over 47 billion of discarded flip flops per year into inspiring art to create employment opportunities in underdeveloped communities. Through this initiative Ocean Sole provides steady income to over 150 low income Kenyans and education to another 6000 youths. Meet our Ocean Sole family!

Flip the ‘flop’

Tens of thousands of pounds of flip flops are processed into the colorful statues of safari animals annually by the Ocean Soles family. Find those colorful art masterpieces, all made of recycled flip flops, in our shop. Each piece is manually made with care and love. By purchasing one of these amazing creations, you can flip the ‘flop’ for a more sustainable future. Together we create a better tomorrow!