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Are you all about simplicity and minimalism or are you the ultimate trendsetter? Locco products… you’ll love’em! Created by you!

Design flip flops

Flip flop Ribbons

Check out our original ribbons, there's something for everyone!



Change your Locco look with a different set of unique charms.


Gift cards

Give an original gift to a loved one


How to tie?

One pair of fabric ribbons gives you several tying options! Check them out, try them out and tie away!

how to tie

Loving the planet

At Locco, caring for our planet is just as important as caring for your joy in wearing original flip-flops.

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Are you looking for the perfect summer footwear, matching different styles? Locco is a brand which allows you to combine flip flop comfort with an elegant look. You will find original women's flip-flops that will allow you to express your individuality. In our configurator you will create stylish flip-flops perfect for summer outfits, for the office or for an evening outing. If you value creativity and like to express it with your outfit - you've come to the right place! At Locco you can buy flip-flops from the offer of ready-made models or create them according to your own design. Choose the colors of soles and straps, choose charms and complete the whole look with stylish ribbons. In our guide: How to tie? there are many ways to strap them on! Don't know how to start? In our Lookbook and the Created by you tab you will find a handful of inspirations from Locco designers and other Locco original flip flop lovers :) In our store you can also buy ribbons and charms separately to change your flip flops in a matter of seconds. We want you to know that we care about the environment and take responsibility for our products. We work with Ocean Sole - an organization that recycles flip flops and transforms them into art. Flip flops get second life in the form of colorful sculptures and other art pieces. Those unique items, hand made with passion and dedication by over 90 Kenyan artists, you can find in Locco shop. By buying any of Ocean Sole products you contribute to our planet as well as better life for over 150 Kenyan families and education of additional 6000 young Kenyans.